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Kiersten | Data Scientist
Jean | Ecosystem Builder
Emily Werth | Attorney
Alex King | Philosophy Professor
Edwina Johnson | COO
Jen | Business Builder
Nikko Karlo Robles | Corporate Strategist
Yan-Xin Li | Patent Attorney
Jessica | Assistant VP and Community Builder
Jodi | Yoga Teacher
Victoria | Professional Counselor
Karla | Consultant
Daniel | Photographer and Architect
Ashley | Sales Strategy Manager
Andi | Marketing Analytics Manager
Evan | Software Engineer
Anna | Psychiatry Resident
Armine | Dentist
Charisse | Founder & Financial Wealth Expert
Jon | Director of Youth Ministries
Melissa | Teacher
Patricia | Economic Development Builder
Quemuel | Policy Officer for Accessibility (NYC)
Samantha | Producer and Photographer
Steph | Senior Development Chemist


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